Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ahhh, the smell of freshly line-dried clothes

We finally got some nice weather and decided to take advantage of it, by hanging out some clothes to dry. Using some culled lumber that was deeply discounted we were able to build our clothesline for under $20. Unfortunately, by the time we got it finished last year it was just in time for the nasty weather to start. At least I got a few loads done today before we get a few days of rain and some cooler days (rats).
Unfortunatley, I only can get about 2 loads on my clothesline at a time, so I put clothes wherever I could find room. I hung some on the gazebo and jeans and socks over chairs in the sun.

Clothes dryers use 10-15% of domestic energy in the US. They are one of the biggest energy users in your house. By hanging clothes you can save more than $25 a month off your electric bill. And an added benefit is that your clothes last longer. Where do you think that lint in your dryer comes from-it is worn away fabric from all your clothes. And your clothes smell better, too.

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