Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pet Adoptions

Cat & Dog Adoption Fast Facts

25% of pet dogs put to sleep in animal shelters are purebred.

Over 7 million pet dogs and cats are put to sleep each year due to overpopulation.

Adopting a dog or cat from a humane society, an animal shelter, an SPCA, or a dog rescue or cat rescue group saves a life!

This is something that is very important to me. There are so many animals right now without homes and sleeping in tiny cold cramped cage with a cement floor; forced to eat, poop and sleep all in the same tiny place. We adopted Goldie, a retreiver/chow mix in March of 2002, and then little Archie the end of October. I knew he was the one when I walked up to his cage and he looked up at me with those cute little eyes and wouldn't stop licking my hand. He is a dachsund/miniature pincher mix. He had a few issues at first, getting to know the rules, but he is a great dog. All the kids and Goldie just love him. Goldie is enormous compared to him, but they play constantly, and she is gentle with him. She has bad hips and needs to lose some weight, so Archie with all his energy is great to keep her in shape. He burrows under our covers and sleeps with DH and I all night. He washes my face when I get home from work. Make sure you keep your mouth closed or you will get dog-frenched. He was a lot more spendy than the other dogs for adoption, but definatley worth it for such a great dog.

Due to the economy and loss of homes and jobs there are too many abandoned pets. If they can't all be adopted they will be euthanized. Such a waste. If you have a loving home to share with a friend, please visit your local animal shelter. Your life will be much fuller because of it and you will save a life.

And please have your pets spayed and neutered. Another way to cut down on the overabundance of unwanted pets.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, I think Thanksgiving turned out well this year. We all went over to my Parents. My brother-in-law made pie, and my sister-in-law made a pumpkin dessert. I brought sweet potatoes, and I think they were the best ever. Must of been-I didn't take any home this year. My youngest daughter wanted to help, so she peeled them all, which was nice, I hate that part, but she didn't mind. I boiled them until soft and whipped them with raw sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and since I was out of OJ I used a blend of orange, strawberry, banana juice-put it in a casserole, layered on marshmallows and toasted until brown. They were soooo good. I was hoping for a leg this year, but my mom only got breasts, although there was enough for us to bring one home for turkey sandwiches. It has already been devoured, darn it.

I usually also bring pie, but my brother and brother-in-law wanted to. I should have any way. Was a little disappointed. The pie had kind of an odd flavor. Mine is definately better, and another drawback is that we don't have leftovers. I love pumpkin pie. Not really a cake person and on my birthday I used to have my mom either make me pumpkin pie or strawberry shortcake. I have a major sweet tooth right now and would really like a piece of pie. Maybe I can make some on Sun. I had to work today and have to work tomorrow.

Anyway, after we ate we went to see my granny at the nursing home. Really sad. My grandma was always so independent, she volunteered at her church, drove herself from Seattle to Aberdeen all the time, lots of crafts, sewing and baking. Her favorite thing to do was give out cookies and sweets to everyone. She especially likes ice cream and going out to eat. She turned 94 in July and has dementia due to Parkinson's, so she doesn't really remember who we are anymore and it just is heart-wrenching to see her that way.

Came home and had dessert, then went out to the Botanical Gardens by the Old Idaho Penitentiary to see all the holiday lights. It was a little chilly, but nice. My son's girlfriend froze. She was wearing a dress and forgot her other shoes and had high heel dress sandals on. Brrr. We all had our pic taken. I will post it as soon as my brother e-mails me a copy, knowing him it could be a while.

Thanksgiving Funny

17 Ways To Cook A Turkey

Go buy a turkey
Take a drink of whisky
Put turkey in the oven
Take another 2 drinks of whisky
Set the degree at 375 ovens
Take 3 more whiskys of drink
Turk the bastey
Whisky another bottle of get
Ponder the meat thermometer
Glass yourself a pour of whisky
Bake the whisky for 4 hours
Take the oven out of the turkey
Floor the turkey up off of the pick
Turk the carvey
Get yourself another scottle of botch
Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey
Bless the dinner and pass out

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

About Me.

My name is Kaarin (and Carnivorous) is kinda my DH's nickname for me, hence the name of the blog. And Crunch for the mere fact that I am trying to be more crunchy (living simpler, more frugal and a lot more green). This is a pic of my family and my oldest son's wife. He's the one in the Army uniform. I am a mom of 6, grandma of one (she was born after this pic was taken). We have 2 dogs (one we adopted from the pound in 2002 retriever/chow mix-Goldie) and one from the pound just recently (doxie/min pin mix-Archie), one cat (Smokey) and a rat (Cinnamon). And our 16 year old cat (Oreo) also adopted recently passed away. Currently live in Boise, Idaho. I graduated from Twin Falls High School (Twin Falls, Idaho) and shortly thereafter moved to Seattle with my 2 oldest boys (they were about 3 and 4 at the time). Where I met my DH and we had 4 more children. Lived in Seattle for about 13 years and thought I wanted to move to a smaller area and the only one I was familiar with was where I grew up, but when I got there I had major culture shock and after 5 years we finally had an opportunity to move to Boise. Not quite Seattle, but at least I am in the city. We recycled and composted when we lived in Seattle, but got away from it when we moved back to Idaho. But we have started back up again and are tring to reduce our impact on the planet. But it will take many baby steps. DH got layed off in January and hasn't been able to find work, so he went back to school and my hours have been cut so we are definately gonna have to find ways to be even more frugal than we already are. Wanted to start this blog so that maybe I can help some people on their journey and maybe others can help me.

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