Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Bad Blogger!

Been quite the while since I have posted anything. Went back to work and by the time I got home gimping around with the stupid boot on my foot I was thoroughly exhausted. Then in August, school started back up and literally kicked my ever living ass. Anatomy and Physiology, Technical English, Fitness Foundations, Humanities, CPR and my fun class...bowling. Next semester isn't going to be much better. I have two computer classes that I need to have before I can take Accounting, I have the second half of A & P, Math 143 (this is going to be my scariest class-I so suck at math), and Child Development. Really looking forward to winter break. I have 3 finals next week and then I will be done with this semester. My grades are definitely not where I want them by any means, though. We will have to see after next week how I did. Keep your fingers crossed for me-I need it bad!

Toe has never completely healed. I still have pain (also pain on the incision site, too, weird) and still can't touch the floor with it. According to the doctor the X-rays look okay, but he thinks my tendons are too stiff and wants me to do a little physical therapy on myself. Am trying, but it does not really seem to help. I think he had the pin angled up too high and the bone healed that way, but what do I know-I am just the suffering patient. It also didn't help that my youngest daughter accidently slammed into it the other day (it was hiding under and blanket and sticking off the end of the couch. She felt so bad, she cried along with me.

Unfortunately, I gained about 20 pounds being off my foot for so long, so this week I have started back at the gym. I can't really run, but the recumbent bike, the elliptical machine and the weights are okay on my foot. Don't think I will be doing yoga again anytime soon, though.

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