Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Bad Blogger!

Been quite the while since I have posted anything. Went back to work and by the time I got home gimping around with the stupid boot on my foot I was thoroughly exhausted. Then in August, school started back up and literally kicked my ever living ass. Anatomy and Physiology, Technical English, Fitness Foundations, Humanities, CPR and my fun class...bowling. Next semester isn't going to be much better. I have two computer classes that I need to have before I can take Accounting, I have the second half of A & P, Math 143 (this is going to be my scariest class-I so suck at math), and Child Development. Really looking forward to winter break. I have 3 finals next week and then I will be done with this semester. My grades are definitely not where I want them by any means, though. We will have to see after next week how I did. Keep your fingers crossed for me-I need it bad!

Toe has never completely healed. I still have pain (also pain on the incision site, too, weird) and still can't touch the floor with it. According to the doctor the X-rays look okay, but he thinks my tendons are too stiff and wants me to do a little physical therapy on myself. Am trying, but it does not really seem to help. I think he had the pin angled up too high and the bone healed that way, but what do I know-I am just the suffering patient. It also didn't help that my youngest daughter accidently slammed into it the other day (it was hiding under and blanket and sticking off the end of the couch. She felt so bad, she cried along with me.

Unfortunately, I gained about 20 pounds being off my foot for so long, so this week I have started back at the gym. I can't really run, but the recumbent bike, the elliptical machine and the weights are okay on my foot. Don't think I will be doing yoga again anytime soon, though.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Slowly recuperating

Well, my toe is slowly getting better. I was off work for about 2 1/2 months and am using a boot to get around. I am now trying to wear shoes when I can, but still need the boot at work. I still can't put my toe completely flat on the floor yet, which puts a lot of stress on my ankle, and I am much faster at work with the boot on. Unfortunately, when the floor is wet I have to be careful, since there is not a no-slip bottom on the boot and have almost ate it quite a few times. As you can see from the pic, my left foot is still swollen and red. I now have a toe worth over $10,000, do you? Who would have known that a stupid toe could cost so much?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frugality out the window

So much for being frugal when I do something stupid and injure myself. Not only did I blow a ton of money on hospital and doctor visits, but I can't go to work. Now you ask, how did I do this really stupid thing....well, I was already not feeling well and had given up a few shifts, when I remembered that the kids needed clean clothes for school. So, I grabbed a huge load of clothes in my arms and missed the last step on the way down to the laundry room. Knew I broke my toe as soon as it happened. The orthopedic doctor I saw said that usually with toes you can't do anything, but when I do something, I guess I have to do it well. Not only did I snap the bone in half, but completely moved it away from the joint. So, now I have a screw (which won't be removed) and a pin (to hold it all in place, which eventually will be removed). Had surgery on Friday, but still hurts and got infected. Taking antibiotics that upset my stomach and make me dizzy, and can hardly get out of bed because of the pain.

Another doctor appointment for me tomorrow to check on the infection and see when I may possibly go back to work. Have a shit ton of homework due this week and can't even think straight. When I went to St. Al's for my surgery, one of the nurses there said that she broke a toe the same way-so a warning for all those out there with a laundry room in the basement, BE CAREFUL on the way down, the toe you break may be your own. And so are the bills and loss of income. My work only allows two weeks off of work in a row or you are fired. Hope this will count as medical leave-they are very strict. I had an umbilical hernia surgery and was out for 2 weeks once, was short 9 hours for my insurance and they cancelled me, even with a medical, so will see if I still have a job after this too. My husband doesn't call me Grace for nuthin'. Need to be more careful, this is costing me too much. I also hate relying on others for everything. I can pull together a quick frugal meal with just a few ingredients, but hard for my husband to do and he is the one doing the cooking-so higher grocery bill as well. We also had a birthday today and yesterday for some of the kids and had to send out the man shopping...OUCH!! Then, birthday celebration in my room, NICE! Had plans with daughter to do the 50% off shopping sale at Savers and wanted to take my son and a few of his friends to the college for a bowling party...Sorry guys maybe next year. I know they understand, but still feel bad about it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Want to Know What Kind of Produce You Are Eating

You know those annoying little stickers attached to your fruits and veggies you have to remove before eating? Well, you can learn a lot about what kind of produce you are eating by "cracking the code" on them.

A four-digit number means that your produce is conventionally grown using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. A five-digit number beginning with 8 means the produce is genetically modified. And a five-digit number beginning with a 9 means you are getting organically grown produce.

Friday, January 15, 2010

No impact week

Colin Beaven, aka "no impact man" is challenging everyone to try a "No impact week". All the information is available on his website, including instructions and sign up. What do you think? Could you go "no impact" for a week?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry for the Rant

Not really sure where to begin, but it seems to be an on-going full moon or something. So, I apologize for a bit of ranting, but I have been a little frustrated lately. First off, my brother had met this lady over the internet (already know where this is going right), hillbilly from Virginia-remember the Hatfields and McCoys-she's a McCoy. We are talking grade A hillbilly here, with 3 kids and my brother meets her in real life I'd say a total or like 3 times and then he marries her and moves her and the brood to Boise. Well, they are both on disability. My brother had gastric bypass surgery which almost killed him, had to have surgery on his legs and learn to re-walk. Finally out of wheel chair not too long before he meets her. She has some undiagnosed illness, which most docs think is mental illness, but finally finds a doctor that diagnoses her with MS (after Lord knows how many). She had stated that in her family the sicker you are the more attention you get. Anyway, her parents didn't disclose all her issues to my brother, because they were done being care-takers to her and her kids.

So, now into the real world, my brother ends up being housekeeper, care-giver of her kids (who haven't had much for parenting up until now) and her (she never gets out of bed). All while he is trying to work a part-time job and go to school. She is addicted to pain-killers, Marinol (a synthetic form of Marijuana), Methadone (her and her ex were addicted to heroin) and who knows what else. At a picnic we had this summer my brother had to wheel her up in his old wheelchair (couldn't walk) and she couldn't even talk and watching her eat was just disgusting, because she was so doped up. Anyway, with the temptation of the painkillers in the house and her wanting someone to get high with my brother became addicted to painkillers again (became addicted after his surgery, but had been off them for many years). They started having a lot of trouble and my parents intervened and agreed to help both of them get into recovery. If they didn't they would have to move-my parents owned the house they were renting and they didn't want to be renting to drug addicts, my brother had dropped out of school, got layed-off, lost his disability and the kids trashed the house, since there was little to no supervision. My brother agreed to treatment and asked his wife to get help, but she refused and that was his stipulation for saving their marriage. She went into detox and then to the mental health unit, but refused to treatment since she thought she only had a physical addiction, so she was asked to move and my brother asked for a divorce.

My parents were more than nice to her, they gave her back 2 months worth of rent, so she would have the money to find another place. They even offered to pay for plane tickets for her and her kids and to pay the moving costs of her things back to Virginia, but her parents didn't want her back. And to pay them back she kept my brothers things hostage and refused to give them to him. All my brother wanted was the things he came into the marriage with and let her have everything else, but she refused and even wanted to sell his family heirlooms on E-bay for the money. I think my brother was way nicer than he should have been, but even so, she pulled this? After she left, he finally got a few things back that she left in the house. The house was trashed and now my parents have to clean it and pay for repairs and they are missing out on several months worth of rent. She also abandoned one of her cats-out of three-in the house.

My parents always treated her kids as if they were their own grandkids, spent a lot of money on them buying them all new clothes, etc. and watched them while she was hospitalized. We even had the boys over the weekend and my DH had to clean up puke all night when one of the boys got sick. Half the house also walked away in the boy's stuff when they left. Joanna-if you are reading this we would like our movies back and whatever else walked away. Never got a thank you, either.

But, I guess the thing that irks me the most is that she is telling everyone on her blog about poor little her and telling everyone about how horrible my brother and my parents are and making up lies. She even stated that now my brother is now living FAT in my parent's million dollar house. My parent's house is May-be a $250,000 house, no where near a million-don't know where that came from. My parents are not well-off. And they were so awful that they kicked out a poor defenseless woman with MS with three children who had no-where to go. And she was hospitalized to adjust her medication-not mentioning anything about addiction or mental illness. All her readers think that she is just an inspiration for everything that she has been through. She even tries to say that my brother is an abuser because he grabbed one of the boys when he was trashing the house having a tantrum and that he told her to F-off over the phone when she wouldn't give him his stuff back. OMG, how abusive.

I am not trying to be degrading to her, but it just makes me angry that she is trying to make herself out to be some Saint and make everyone feel sorry for and they believe all this crap. I think she needs to tell the truth and maybe her readers will appreciate that instead of the garbage bag full of doodie she is feeding them full of.

Well, I think that is enough of ranting for today, part 2 tomorrow-my DIL. Bet y'all can't wait!

And if ya wanna, you can all check out the blog here:

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