Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frugality out the window

So much for being frugal when I do something stupid and injure myself. Not only did I blow a ton of money on hospital and doctor visits, but I can't go to work. Now you ask, how did I do this really stupid thing....well, I was already not feeling well and had given up a few shifts, when I remembered that the kids needed clean clothes for school. So, I grabbed a huge load of clothes in my arms and missed the last step on the way down to the laundry room. Knew I broke my toe as soon as it happened. The orthopedic doctor I saw said that usually with toes you can't do anything, but when I do something, I guess I have to do it well. Not only did I snap the bone in half, but completely moved it away from the joint. So, now I have a screw (which won't be removed) and a pin (to hold it all in place, which eventually will be removed). Had surgery on Friday, but still hurts and got infected. Taking antibiotics that upset my stomach and make me dizzy, and can hardly get out of bed because of the pain.

Another doctor appointment for me tomorrow to check on the infection and see when I may possibly go back to work. Have a shit ton of homework due this week and can't even think straight. When I went to St. Al's for my surgery, one of the nurses there said that she broke a toe the same way-so a warning for all those out there with a laundry room in the basement, BE CAREFUL on the way down, the toe you break may be your own. And so are the bills and loss of income. My work only allows two weeks off of work in a row or you are fired. Hope this will count as medical leave-they are very strict. I had an umbilical hernia surgery and was out for 2 weeks once, was short 9 hours for my insurance and they cancelled me, even with a medical, so will see if I still have a job after this too. My husband doesn't call me Grace for nuthin'. Need to be more careful, this is costing me too much. I also hate relying on others for everything. I can pull together a quick frugal meal with just a few ingredients, but hard for my husband to do and he is the one doing the cooking-so higher grocery bill as well. We also had a birthday today and yesterday for some of the kids and had to send out the man shopping...OUCH!! Then, birthday celebration in my room, NICE! Had plans with daughter to do the 50% off shopping sale at Savers and wanted to take my son and a few of his friends to the college for a bowling party...Sorry guys maybe next year. I know they understand, but still feel bad about it.

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